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unique insight & an optimistic outlook for a brighter future

Beth has been focused on the intersection of children, mental health, and education for over 17 years. From addressing the teen mental health crisis and encouraging parents to talk to kids about sex and sexuality, to evaluating education policy and school safety in today's political climate, Beth's essays offer families support and hope for the future.



Beth Collums is an Atlanta-based writer, former therapist and mother of four. Her writings have appeared in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Albany Herald and the Brunswick News. She has spent over ten years working in the clinical field of child and family therapy and psychological testing, diagnosing and treating mental illness in children and youth. She has spent most of the last decade as a community organizer in the local educational non profit sector and with grassroots family support organizations which along with being a parent, gives her a uniquely insightful voice into the intersection of mental health, relationships and parenting. Earning a MA in Clinical Psychology, East Tennessee State University (2006) and an BA in Psychology, University of Tennessee (2004), Beth has professional training in diagnosing and treating struggling families towards personal and relational health. She worked in higher education, at Georgia Institute of Technology, creating mentor programs, advising undergraduates, writing curriculum and teaching seminar courses on finding the best path for self. Beth lives in Georgia with her husband and four children. 

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